The Solamonsters Society Official Whitepaper

Project Overview

The Solamonsters Society is a deflationary collection on the Solana blockchain designed to provide guaranteed value for the holder. With an initial collection of 9,636 NFTs, including 8,888 Solamonsters, the primary deflationary mechanism will be the bounty of up to 2.22 SOL placed on every Solamonster. The bounty can be claimed immediately after mint by sending in the NFT to be burned.

However, the objective of this project is to provide a recurring revenue stream for all NFT holders to benefit long-term investors. Holders of a Solamonster NFT will gain access to the Solamonsters DAO: an investment DAO focused on income-producing DeFi and NFT assets that generate passive revenue. All NFTs will earn a bi-weekly dividend from the revenue generated by the staked assets.

Additionally, all members of the Solamonsters DAO will have exclusive access to key project features, including the following:

Income-Producing Assets

Income-producing assets are assets that generate a consistent, recurring revenue. As such, investing in these assets can provide passive income for the holder, in addition to the asset price appreciating over time.

The Solamonsters DAO will be primarily investing in DeFi and NFT assets. The majority of the assets will be within the Solana ecosystem, although there may be cross-chain investments as well. Investments will be classified under four main categories:


Investments will include cryptocurrency staking and liquidity pool (LP) farming. The majority of investments will be made through either the coin's native staking platform or a trusted platform, such as Raydium, Orca, and Francium. The balance between safer, low yield investments and riskier, high yield investments will be determined by the DAO.


Investments will include profile picture (PFP) NFT projects that have implemented a staking feature for their NFTs. The focus will be on blue chip projects with proven utility for their staking rewards.

Metaverse NFTs

Investments will include metaverse NFT projects that have an in-game economy or a staking system. Potential assets include properties, land, and other utility NFTs that can generate revenue.

Gaming NFTs

Investments will include gaming NFTs from established projects, including play-to-earn (P2E) games, player-vs-player (PvP) games, and games of chance. For PvP games that require NFTs to play, the Solamonsters DAO will lend them out to DAO members so that everyone can participate.

Collection Details

There will be an initial supply of 9,636 NFTs available on the Solana blockchain. The supply is broken down in the following way:

Main Collection:

○ 12 Executive NFTs

○ 8,888 Solamonster NFTs:
2,222 Ventus
2,222 Ignis
2,222 Terra
2,222 Aquae

Airdrops and Events:

○ 48 Executive Solamonster NFTs: 12 custom Solamonsters from each species airdropped to holders of an Executive NFT

○ 600 OG Members Airdrop NFTs

○ 88 OG Mint Pass NFTs

Due to the deflationary mechanisms of this project (bounty and merging feature), the final remaining supply will be determined by the community.

Drop Details

There will be a total of 5 drops to complete the collection of 9,636 NFTs:

Executives Drop:

○ 12 Executive NFTs dropped through auction
○ Starting Bid: 1 SOL

Ventus Drop:

○ 2,222 Ventus Solamonsters dropped through candy machine v2 mint
○ Mint Price: 0.55 SOL

Ignis Drop:

○ 2,222 Ignis Solamonsters dropped through candy machine v2 mint
○ Mint Price: 0.66 SOL

Terra Drop:

○ 2,222 Terra Solamonsters NFTs dropped through candy machine v2 mint
○ Mint Price: 0.77 SOL

Aquae Drop:

○ 2,222 Aquae Solamonsters dropped through candy machine v2 mint
○ Mint Price: 0.88 SOL

The Executives Drop will be launched in March 2022, followed by the 4 Solamonster Drops. Exact dates and details will be announced on Twitter and Discord.

Mint Tokens

There will be 1,111 mint tokens for each Solamonster Drop. Mint tokens will guarantee the holder a mint during the whitelist period of every drop. Each token can be used once and will be burned after a successful mint. For each drop, 1,000 mint tokens will be reserved for whitelisted members and 111 will be distributed to the community through giveaways and events.


There will be 1,000 whitelist spots available. Whitelisted members will gain early access to all 4 Solamonster Drops and receive 1 mint token for each drop to guarantee a mint. The 600 OG Members will automatically be whitelisted, and the remaining 400 whitelist spots will be distributed to the community and partnered projects in the lead up to mint.

Project Details


Each Solamonster NFT is randomly generated from a total of 79,833,600 possible combinations and can contains 11 attributes: Species, Background, Body, Headwear, Eyes, Mouth, Clothes, Chain, Piercings, Threat Level, and Dividends.

In total, there are 71 distinct attributes that each have their own rarity. Specific details about attribute rarities and rankings can be found here.

Bounty Details

Every Solamonster NFT minted during Solamonster Drops 1 through 4 will have a bounty placed on it that is equivalent to its Threat Level attribute:

Threat Level: Extreme
Rarity: 55/2222
Bounty: 2.22 SOL

Threat Level: High
Rarity: 168/2222
Bounty: 1.11 SOL

Threat Level: Moderate
Rarity: 888/2222
Bounty: 0.55 SOL

Threat Level: Minimal
Rarity: 1111/2222
Bounty: 0.05 SOL

After each Solamonster Drop, the bounty claiming period will be open for 2 hours for minters to claim their bounties by sending in their captured Solamonsters to be burned. After the bounty claiming period has ended, the Solamonsters will be verified and the bounties will be distributed within 2 hours.


Every NFT will receive a bi-weekly dividend. The dividend shares for each NFT are weighted in the following way based on the NFT type and Threat Level attribute:

Dividend Shares

Executive NFT - 5 shares

Extreme Threat Solamonsters - 1 share

High Threat Solamonsters - 0.75 shares

Moderate Threat Solamonsters - 0.55 shares

Minimal Threat Solamonsters - 0.5 shares

Executive Solamonsters - 0.5 shares

OG Mint Pass - 0.1 shares

OG Members Airdrop - 0.1 shares

There will be a total of 5,060 dividend shares initially available. From the dividend shares returned through bounty claiming, 20% will be allocated to the Monster Mash, 70% will be allocated to staking rewards, and 10% will be reserved for events.

Bi-weekly dividends will be divided by the final supply to determine the earnings per share every period.

Monster Mash

Up to 10 Solamonsters from the same species can be merged together to create a custom Solamonster. Holders will be able to select attributes from their existing NFTs to combine together.

The dividend shares of the custom NFT will be equal to the combined total of the merged NFTs. Additionally, there will be bonus dividend shares rewarded based on the number of NFTs merged. Every merge will receive a bonus while supplies last, first-come-first-serve.

Merging Bonus

# NFTs Merged

Bonus Dividend Shares



















Structure of Funds

The funds and royalties from the project will be allocated in the following ways:

Executives Drop

50% - Solamonsters DAO

30% - Project Funds

15% - Project Team

5% - Executive Bonus*

Ventus Drop

70% - Bounty/Solamonsters DAO**

7.5% - Solamonsters DAO

7.5% - Project Funds

15% - Project Team

Ignis Drop

60% - Bounty/Solamonsters DAO**

12.5% - Solamonsters DAO

12.5% - Project Funds

15% - Project Team

Terra Drop

50% - Bounty/Solamonsters DAO**

17.5% - Solamonsters DAO

17.5% - Project Funds

15% - Project Team

Aquae Drop

45% - Bounty/Solamonsters DAO**

20% - Solamonsters DAO

20% - Project Funds

15% - Project Team

Royalties (8%)

40% - Project Funds

30% - Solamonsters DAO

30% - Project Team

*This bonus will be awarded to the top bidder from the Executives Drop.

**After the bounty claiming period is over for each Solamonster Drop, remaining funds will be allocated to the DAO.

Project Funds

Project Funds will be used to fund key components in the later parts of the project, including the upfront liquity service, merch, and the Solamonsters staking. Additionally, a portion of these funds will be used for project fees, giveaways, and NFT buybacks.

Solamonsters DAO

All holders of a Executive NFT or Solamonster NFT will gain access to the Solamonsters DAO. After each Solamonster Drop's bounty claiming period is over, all new holders will be added to the DAO.

The aim is to create a community of diamond handers who believe in long-term investments. DAO members will also have exclusive access to all project features, including the upfront liquidity service.

DAO Funds

The goal for the Solamonsters DAO is to strategically invest in assets that can be staked or farmed. The majority of funds allocated to the Solamonsters DAO will be invested into income-producing assets. A portion will also be used for short-term investment opportunities.

The DAO's investment portfolio will be generally allocated in the following way:

Asset Allocation

○ 45% - DeFi

○ 15% - PFP NFTs

○ 15% - Metaverse NFTs

○ 15% - Gaming NFTs

○ 10% - Short term investments

The exact portfolio distribution and investment durations will be determined by the DAO.

Generated Revenue

Every two weeks, revenue generated by DAO investments will be cumulated and allocated in the following way:

Generated Revenue

○ 80% - Dividends distributed to holders

○ 15% - Reinvested into the DAO

○ 5% - Project Funds

The Solamonster Executives

The Solamonster Executives are an exclusive group consisting of the 12 Executive NFT holders. Members of this group receive many benefits, including the following:

○ Increased bi-weekly dividend shares

○ Executive Solamonster NFT airdrop for each species (4 total)

○ Entry into the Solamonsters DAO

○ Direct access to the project team

○ Assist in the review of DAO proposals to shape the future of the project

○ Help to coordinate operations within the Solamonsters DAO

Additionally, the highest winning bidder from the Executives Drop will be awarded the Executive Bonus equal to 5% of the total Executives Drop funds.

Project Components

Phase 1

OG Members Whitelist

The first 600 verified members in the Solamonsters Discord will be whitelisted to receive early access to mint for all four Solamonster Drops. They will also be airdropped a custom OG Members NFT worth 0.1 dividend shares.

A special event is planned for the OG members once they have been assembled.

Executives Drop

The 12 Executive NFTs will be dropped through auction. These NFTs provide the holder with many valuable perks. Additionally, the highest winning bidder will also receive the Executive Bonus, equal to 5% of total funds from the Executives Drop.

Solamonster Drops

The 4 species of 2,222 Solamonster NFTs will be dropped through candy machine v2 mints to provide a fair process. There will be 1,111 mint tokens distributed per drop that guarantees the holder a successful mint. Every Solamonster has a bounty of up to 2.22 SOL, which can be redeemed by sending in and burning the NFT following mint. Holders of a Solamonster NFT will join the Solamonsters DAO and gain access to all DAO benefits.

Solamonsters DAO

After the bounty claiming period ends for each Solamonster Drop, all holders will be added to the Solamonsters DAO. Every Executive NFT and Solamonster NFT will be worth one vote towards any DAO decisions, regardless of type or attribute. Once the DAO has allocated the designated funds from each mint, members can start to propose investment ideas.

Secondary Marketplace and Rarity

The secondary marketplaces will become available only after all 4 Solamonster Drops have been completed. Additionally, the official rarity rankings will go live on the website following the end of mint. To join the DAO, new members will need to mint a Solamonster or wait until after the Aquae Drop when the secondary marketplaces open.

Phase 2

Metaverse Integration

The Solamonsters Society will work to partner with various projects to incorporate the Solamonsters into the metaverse. The aim is to provide holders with access to and value across multiple projects, platforms, and games.

Solamonsters Staking

Executive NFTs and all Solamonster NFTs can be staked through our staking platform to earn additional dividend shares. The staking rewards will be backed by the dividend shares allocated from the claimed bounties, as well as through dividend shares accumulated through NFT buybacks. The yielded dividend shares can be merged onto any NFT from the collection.

Monster Mash

Holders of multiple Solamonsters of the same species will be able to select attributes from their existing NFTs to merge together and create a custom Solamonster. In order to receive their custom Solamonster, holders must send in the NFTs from which the attributes are chosen from. However, the custom NFT will maintain the same percentage of DAO membership and dividend shares.

Solamonsters Merch

Solamonsters Merch will consist of custom designed prints on a variety of items, including ball caps, t-shirts, and hoodies. Specific details will be determined by the Solamonsters DAO.

Phase 3

Upfront Liquidity Service

A portion of the Project Funds will be used to provide liquidity for this feature. All holders will be able to deposit an NFT from a list of approved projects in exchange for a pre-determined amount of liquidity. The maximum liquidity available to be borrowed will be half of the floor price of the deposited NFT.

NFT Staking Aggregator Platform

Once NFT staking goes live, we will work to expand our staking platform to include all stakeable NFT projects. Through our platform, users will be able to view all NFT staking options and data from onboarded projects.

Supplementary Collection

A second collection of NFTs consisting of undiscovered species of Solamonsters is planned for the future. There may also be additional supplementary drops of attribute NFTs which can be merged onto existing Solamonsters. Perks from these supplementary drops include increased dividend shares, exclusive benefits, airdrops, and much more.